Friendly Fox Red Labrador Puppies for Sale in Hudson, NY

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Breed your female dog for gorgeous puppies with the help of Hudson Valley Labradors! Our fox red stud service is available to qualified females only. We have occasional pups by our stud.

Meet our dogs, and prepare too utterly fall in love with them! In addition to their wonderful personalities, Lexi, Molly and Ryder are the english type labrador with genetic clearances. 


English type puppies. Black or yellow/fox red colors. Currently no pups are available.  Pups expected late 2019. Call with a deposit will get you on waiting list.

Learn about Hudson Valley Labradors

Turn to Hudson Valley Labradors in Hudson, New York, when you’re looking for adorable fox red Labrador puppies for sale. We also provide advantageous Labrador Retriever stud service to help those who are interested in breeding their female dogs. All of our dogs are from hunting lines.

We take pride in our more than 40 years of experience, and enjoy making our customers happy. Our trustworthy team conducts followups to see how the puppies are doing in their new environment after they have been sold.

Contact us (Terri Melnyk or Steve Melnyk) in Hudson, New York, to get more information on our gorgeous fox red Labrador puppies for sale.

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